i need to lose weight fast i don't care how-Fast Weight Loss

i need to lose weight fast i don't care how There's no doubt that you want to lose weight fast - but how? While there are many different ways to achieve this, one popular approach is called " calorie counting ." The basic idea is to measure how much you eat and how many calories you burn in a given period of time ( like for instance, a day ) and if the difference is large enough to cause significant weight loss , you might decide to continue with this method.

i need to lose weight fast i don't care how

i need to lose weight fast i don't care how?

Most diet books suggest a calorie count for every day and then go on to give you more detailed guidance on how to cook a healthy meal for this day. The great thing about calorie counting is that you don't have to follow that recipe - just eat and run around as you would normally and then come back to the book and record your results.

Though calorie counting can be a great way to lose weight quickly, it can be hard to stick to if you don't feel like having control over your eating habits. There are plenty of studies showing that you can lose weight quickly - 30% of people who participated in a study that used this method lost at least 30 pounds in a 12 week period. On the other hand, a large part of this group failed to continue with the exercise program and in fact the ones who did manage to stick to the exercise lost less weight over the long term. It is therefore worth considering other weight loss methods - for instance, a popular method is " behaviour therapy ." The basic idea is to change your eating habits by identifying what motivates you to eat certain foods and then altering the situation to make it less tempting. A very popular variation on this theme is " motivational interviewing." The basic idea is to approach the food choices that you make with an open mind - acknowledging your ambivalence about certain foods - and then use this to help guide you towards healthier choices. This method has been shown to be more successful than simple calorie counting in studies and is also easier to adhere to in the long term.

There is no way of knowing what works best for you without actually trying the different methods. Once you have some good results, you can always read more about what works for other people.

For more reading, see [Understanding how you can lose weight rapidly](http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20774916), [Mastering behaviour change: Changing routines to encourage health behaviour change](http://healthandhygiene.aspetjournals.org/content/21/4/468.full) or [Rethinking your dieting goals](http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18675512).

It is not a solution for most people, but it is a starting point.

Answer: It is a solution for some people, not for most people. If you have no motivation to keep on trying to lose weight, then it is unlikely that you will succeed in the long term.

The original idea: To lose weight, you must cut calories.

Full text: " caloric restriction " refers to restricting the amount of calories you eat.

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